Add an order page

In addition to saving the order fulfillment information back to Shopify, Openship also gives you an order status page. We can access this order page by using this link:{shopify-subdomain}&name={order-title}

Shopify subdomain is first part of your shop specific URL. For example if your Shopify URL is, the subdomain would be awesomestore. The order-title is the name of the order.

Accessing the order status page without being logged-in

A common use case for the order status page is linking it on your Zendesk or ticketing platform so your agents have access to how an order was fulfilled. Instead of giving them access to your whole Openship account, you can go to and click API Key. Here you can generate a key and attach it to the link above:{shopify-subdomain}&name={order-title}&key={generated-key}


The order status page also allows your agents to add orders back into the pending tab to be reprocessed. This is handy for reshipments or lost orders.